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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy on Sellwild?


A listing may have the 'Buy Now' button if they have been verified by Sellwild and Stripe. This means you can purchase this item from the seller. Seller receives payment after you confirm delivery and you are always 100% protected by our Buyer Guarantee.

What's the Buyer Guarantee?


On the rare occasion that something goes wrong during the buying process, we’re here to help. Sellwild’s Buyer Guarantee program allows you to shop confidently knowing you'll receive a full refund for qualifying orders when your item: 1. Doesn’t arrive 2. Arrives damaged. 3. Differs significantly from the item description or photos (for example, the wrong material or color). Any order that is shipped on or after March 1, 2023 is eligible for Sellwild's Buyer Guarantee.

How can I get a refund?


If you believe your order qualifies for Sellwild's Buyer Guarantee, the first step is to reach out to the seller by starting a Help request. 90% of order issues can be resolved by working with the seller. If the issue hasn’t been resolved and it’s been 48 hours since you first messaged the seller, and the estimated delivery date for your order has passed, ask Sellwild to step in to help you get your refund. You may need to provide some photos of damaged or misrepresented items. Once your refund eligibility is confirmed, Sellwild will send you a confirmation email.

What happens to the seller if I request a refund?


An occasional case opened against a seller will not negatively impact them or their shop. All cases that are opened on Sellwild are taken seriously, and are reviewed carefully by our case team to ensure the right decision is made. We understand that even the most experienced sellers can have unexpected issues from time to time, which is why Sellwild's Buyer Guarantee program is in place to help sellers with qualifying orders.

What is covered?


The following issues are covered with buyer guarantee protection when an item is bought and shipped through Sellwild: 1. The buyer did not receive the item. 2. The item is damaged when the buyer receives it. 3. The item is incorrect or missing. 4. The item the buyer receives is not as described. If the item isn’t shipped within 5 days of payment, the transaction is canceled and the buyer's payment is automatically returned to their original payment method.

What isn't covered?


1. Items that don’t fit. 2. Items the buyer doesn’t like. 3. Any item that is prohibited by Sellwild. Purchases made in cash or with an in-person cashless payment. 4. Purchases conducted through payment or shipping systems outside of Sellwild.

How do I find my Chat Messages?


To find important messages you’ve exchanged on Sellwild, look for them in My Account > Chats or linked to the items the messages were about in My Listings tab.

How do I create an account?


Buying on Sellwild requires an account. We'll ask for your phone number or email address after you enter your Shipping Address.

How does Sellwild protect buyers?


Sellwild uses secure payment platforms, and track and verify shipments. We also have fraud protection in place as long as they transact on our Sellwild platform.

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