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How much does it cost to sell?


Once your item sells, we normally charge 10% of the final value. Unlike other marketplaces, you can list an infinite amount of listings with Sellwild without any additional per item listing fees.

What's the best way to ship my item?


Sellwild provides the shipping label free for sellers within the United States based on the shipping carrier selected by the buyer. On Sellwild, the buyer pays for shipping. by default.

Can I sell locally on Sellwild?


Yes! Choose Local Only and we'll show your listing to buyers in your area. You can also choose to ship your item to buyers in other areas. We'll calculate the shipping cost for you.

How much will it cost to ship my item?


On Sellwild, the buyer pays for the shipping option they prefer by default.

Where can I get shipping supplies?


You can use any packaging supplies you may already have at home or get free boxes from carriers.

How should I choose my listing price?


For most items, we recommend doing a quick search to see how similar items are priced, and price it around there. If you want to price your item to move, choose a price lower than the average item. If you want to maximize your earnings, choose a price slightly higher than the average similar item. If the condition of the item is of lower quality than the average item, we recommend pricing the item lower as well.

What can I sell on Sellwild?


Sellwild allows for your to sell products across a variety of categories, including vehicles, electronics, music, tools, fashion, home & garden, jewelry, sporting goods, art & collectibles, games toys & hobbies, kids & baby and pets. Sellwild also provides services listings in categories such as jobs, housing, tickets, events, services and miscelleneous listings.

How do I create an account?


We'll create an account for you while you post your listing. Otherwise, To create an account, go to We'll ask for your phone number or email address to complete your profile. Currently we only send account updates via e-mail.

When will I get paid?


When an order is completed, the seller will need to print out their shipping label and send the product to the buyer. Sellers will be paid for the order within 3 business days of confirmed delivery of the item by the shipping carrier.

Do I have to pay federal income tax on my sales?


When you sell on Sellwild, you’re responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws. At this time, Sellwild does not handle transactions to regions outside the US. If you sell to buyers in certain states in the US, your transactions will be subject to applicable sales taxes, Goods and Services Tax, and/or Value Added Tax. You are responsible for paying all fees and taxes associated with using Sellwild as a Sellwild seller. For more information on Sellwild’s tax policy and your obligations, see our Tax policy and User Agreement. Your tax-related responsibilities may include: (1) Paying sales tax on Sellwild sales (2) Paying income tax on Sellwild sales (3) Validate what tax was collected on sales transactions.

How does Sellwild protect sellers?


Sellwild uses secure payment platforms, and track and verify shipments. We also have fraud protection in place as long as they transact on our Sellwild platform.

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